Equipment List

Our equipment availability is continually evolving. The list below is an example of the types of equipment the IBRL possesses. For specific questions, please contact Brian Jacobson at


Plant Support Equipment & Tools

Clean Steam Generator
Toyota Fork Lift
JLG Scissor Lift
Facility Card Readers

Product Handling, Grinding, Milling, and Sifting

Long Auger
S. Howes Auger
Bauer Mill
Fine Grind Mill
Sweco Vibratory Shaker
Beall Degerminator (Number 0)
Roller Mill – Lab
Gravity Table
Hammer Mill
Vac-A-Way Seed Cleaner


Parr Reactor – 4557
Steep Tank (250L)
Tempering Bin
Advance Bio Pretreatment Reactor


New Brunswick 300L Fermenter
New Brunswick 80L Fermenter
New Brunswick 16L Fermenter
Applikon 3L Fermenter
DSM Screen
Germ Cyclone
Doxie 5 Hydrocyclone

Pumps, Tanks, Kettles, Piping, and Control

Centrifugal Pumps
300L Tank
400L Tank
50 Gallon Scrape Surface Kettle
100 Gallon Scrape Surface Kettle

Analytical Equipment

Evoluton Array UV-Vis Spec
Elementar Nitrogen Analyzer
Lynx 6000 Centrifuge
Dionex ASE 350 Extractor
Glassware Washer
GenPure Pro Water System
Coy Labs Anaerobic Chamber
Tuttnauer Autoclave
Ice Machine

Drying & Evaporation

Despatch Tray Drying Oven
Labconco Tray Freeze Dryer

Building Spaces

Flex Room
IBRL Suite Conference Room
Executive Conference Room
Single Office
Single Desk in (4) Unit Office
Pilot Processing Plant Suites
Analytical Lab Bench Space


Dry Storage
Cold Room (4C)
-80C Freezer


Technician Office Printer
36″ Plotter
Leased Printer, Scanner, Copier
Digital Signage
Standard Office Desktops
Small Office Desktops
Brian Desktop
Projector Desktops
Analytical Lab Desktops
Rugged Laptops – Pilot Plant
Loaner Laptops
Staff Laptops
Conference Phones
Shared Space Phones


Assistant Director of Pilot Plant Ops
Pilot Plant Specialist
Grad Student – Masters
Grad Student – PhD
Post Doc
Undergrad Student

Specialized Processes

Wet Corn Milling – 10kg
Wet Corn Milling – 1kg
Wet Corn Milling – 100g