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IBRL: Integrated Bioprocessing Research Laboratory, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Education & Outreach



IRenergy: Illini Renewable Energy Group


Mission: “The IRenergy group enables students to meet sustainable energy challenges”

Objectives/ Actions:

1. Engage Illinois Community:
  - Collaborations with professors
- Attending seminars and hosting speakers
- Campus wide events to educate students
- Share guidelines and best practices
- Industry interactions
2. Student Development
  - Leadership
- Career development in energy sector
- Learn about ongoing research on campus
- Industry/ local power plant tours
- Discussions and proposals




Come to hear Dr. Ruzic give a presentation on Nuclear Energy

March 7 at 5:00 p.m.
Sims Room, ACES Library
1101 S Goodwin Ave.

Student Contacts: Michael Grimwade - grimwad1@illinois.edu
Moein Azimi – azimi1@illinois.edu, Suharsh Sivakumar -  sivakum3@illinois.edu



Past meetings

A call out meeting for students interested in bioenergy was held March 3 meeting notes.

2nd meeting: March 19 meeting notes | internship info

3rd meeting: April 14 meeting notes

4th meeting: April 28 meeting notes


UIUC Illini Algae Project

students interested in bioenergy

The meetings are open to all University of Illinois students.