Current Students


Cary Adams got his Bachelor’s Degree form the University of Missouri, Columbia in Animal Sciences as a Pre-Vet major. His internship is at the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center in the University of Illinois Research Park. He is working on an Illinois Department of Transportation project that is investigating the potential of using highway grass as a feedstock for both biofuels and heating. Upon graduation, Cary hopes to pursue additional education in the form of a PhD or MD.





Sairamchandra Veerasaiva got his B. Sc., Agriculture degree from Acharya N.G Ranga University, India. Currently, he is interning at Pacific Ethanol. His role is Technical & Operations Consultant/support Intern. He’s dealing with issues with operations, engineering and biology of wet mill using lab data and other resources. The expectation is for him to serve as the bridge between the lab and operations.  After my graduation Sai would like to do a job with a similar role where he can use his knowledge to bridge the gap between technical/science and non technical/ business branches of industry in Bio energy or pharmaceutical sector.





Haotian Xiao got his Bachelor’s of Science from Peking University in China. He majored in Biological Science with a minor in mathematics. Haotian is conducting an internship performing research in the medical school at the University of Pennsylvania. He is working in the Gene Therapy Program specifically with Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC). His day-to-day tasks involve cell culture, image processing, and data analysis. Though the work is not directly involved in drug development, the work is related to developing a disease model and tools for future application. After graduation, Haotian plans to find a technical position in the bioenergy or bio-medicine industry.